These are FO notes cross-posted (edited) from Ravelry and my blogspot blog–pictures here–for the benefit of someone who wanted directions.

Blue Pomatomus “mermaid” gloves–a Christmas present for Patty. Finished 11/21/06, started maybe a week before. Size 3 DPNs, about 1/2 to 3/4 of a skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Jeans.

So these gloves are essentially Knucks with the Pomatomus Chart A stitch pattern applied. I accidentally messed up two things on these: neglected the “move pattern one stitch over” instruction in the actual written instructions for Pomatomus and somehow didn’t realize that I hadn’t knitted the second thumb before starting the second glove… so I got to the gusset and had to do a provisional cast-on for the gusset stitches, then later pick them up and knit the thumb upwards, leading to a weird jog in the ribbing.

Here’s the math and other mods:
– Pinky: 12 sts, 1×1 rib, 10 rows.
– Ring, middle, thumb, and index: 16 sts, 1×1 rib, 10 rows.
– On joining row, do not k2tog and ssk. (Actually, my mistake in not realizing the stitch count would no longer be a multiple of 12 after decreasing. Didn’t seem to make a difference)
– Carefully match up ribbing on fingers when arranging on needles to join–make sure the 1×1 rib alternates on adjacent fingers.
– Knit one round of 1×1 rib to join, then start Pomatomus Chart A. (60 sts = 5 repeats)
– Work to row 18 of the chart, then join the thumb: place it on the needles with a stitch marker separating it from the main part of the hand. Continue working the chart on the hand, and work 1×1 rib on the thumb.
– While continuing to work from the chart for the hand, work 4 rows even on the thumb and then begin gusset decreases–reach first marker, k2tog tbl, 1×1 rib to last 2 sts before second marker, ssk.
– When there are two stitches remaining, k2tog.
– When there is one stitch remaining, remove marker and ssk with adjacent stitch.
– Continue knitting until row 13 of pattern (or as long as you want) and then switch to 1×1 rib for the cuff.
– Use symmetrical decreases in gusset area to reduce cuff by 4 to 6 sts (for a comfortable fit on my wrists, which are fairly small).
– Knit 10 rows on the cuff and bind off with the sewn bind-off. (For future gloves, the cuff should probably be longer. I was afraid of running out of yarn, so made it the minimum reasonable length)
– When weaving in ends, use “darning” technique to weave first horizontally, then vertically between fingers to close up the holes, and then begin weaving ends along the yarnover columns to reduce the size of the eyelets. After weaving in a bit, use the tail from the wrist bind-off to crochet a sc chain at the edge of the cuff, directly under the thumb, so you can hang up the gloves on a hook for storage.