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I am in a weird in-between state right now because I have nothing actively on the needles (well, maybe a few hibernating projects hidden around the house, but basically the only thing I have to do at the moment is weave in ends, sew together, and block a little ascot thing I’ve been working on for about a month. A month!)

I have this sort of mental startitis that’s keeping me from actually starting anything–just daydreaming about “wow! I should make that!” and instead of actually getting the needles and casting on, I sit there clicking on links and adding things to my queue until I realize I feel kind of sick from staring at the computer for so long, or have something else to do, and nothing gets done.

I think part of this might be related to my printer being in our poorly insulated sunroom/office, where the temperature is currently hovering around 40 degrees… inside our house, with all the windows shrinkwrapped with insulating plastic… so printing things out is a bit like taking a Polar Plunge. Deep breath, run into the other room and shut the door, try desperately to remember which of my USB ports is mapped to which of the five copies of my printer in the Print menu before I get frostbite.

Anyway, so, yeah, I don’t have much to share in terms of WIPs or FOs but here are a few of the things I’ve been eyeing:

  • This Ginkgo shoulderette shawl, which is free, mostly stockinette, and so gorgeous! It looks like it might be a nice one to give the Brooklyn Tweed treatment, i.e. knit it up in some Aran-weight yarn to make it gigantic and cozy while keeping the yardage low.
  • From the newest Knitcircus:
    • Blue Lupine mitts, although probably about half this pattern-lust is because the Shelter yarn looks so tweedy and pretty. I don’t wear fingerless mitts very often.
    • Victoria, though mainly because I thought the accompanying article about armholes was really fascinating and I want to put it into practice and find out all about my own armholes and shoulder width and all that. (As an aside, I sort of can’t believe I have written thousands and thousands of words about things like fascinating armhole sizing techniques and new ways to graft and seam; I’m afraid I’m turning into this Hark! A Vagrant comic, “The Sweater Issue,” as every magazine in my house right now is basically some variation on Yarn News or Figs ‘n’ Things. If you asked me ten or twenty years ago where I hoped I’d be at 7:30 PM on Saturday, February 5, 2011, I’m pretty sure my response would not have been “in cold-ass Madison, Wisconsin, eating Goldfish crackers and writing a blog post about a vest I might knit to find out about how big my armholes should be.” Maybe “judging a cat show after a hard day’s work as the world’s first fashion model astronaut President” or “dazzling the intellectual glitterati with my beauty, wit, and huge piles of riches in a palace in Rome,” at ten and twenty, respectively.)
    • And this is not a knitting pattern, but Bezzie’s hazelnut macarons look crazy delicious and I do have a big bag of hazelnuts figuratively burning a hole in my kitchen cabinet.
  • From the latest Knitty:
    • Constantine, although I think a cape made of seed stitch might kill me from boredom, and while it looks cute on the model, I don’t like the sound of “the addition of a belt creates the illusion of sleeves and a waist.” 1) because I don’t want to also have to knit a belt, and 2) I really don’t want my sleeves or waist to be “illusory,” I have enough troubles with fashion and figure-flattery as it is.
    • Gweneira–creamy, snowy, cabley goodness. Susanna IC is really getting a lot of mileage out of this variations-on-a-crescent-shaped shawl thing, but I fall hard for whatever it is every time. (Why fix it if it ain’t broke?)
    • Joanie, because I’m a sucker for reversible cables, even if I think Joan Holloway wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this, at least not unless it was about five sizes smaller. Maybe I’m wrong and I just haven’t yet made it to the season of Mad Men where she starts wearing big wool sweaters with a “loose, slouchy fit” and no waist shaping?
    • Chrysanthemums, which I would like to wear with exactly the same color scheme, outfit, and pensive look as shown in the photo. Gray on white just kills me; these look so good!
  • a project in the new KP Chroma worsted weight yarn–looks and feels a lot like a feltable version of Crystal Palace Mochi Plus, more than a Noro yarn, as it’s much softer, finer, and more evenly spun than most Noro yarns. Self-striping from Knit Picks! I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this, and the price is right: $9 for 198 yards, with coordinating solids.
  • Damask, I can’t remember if I posted this before, but this is a gorgeous, gorgeous shawl.
  • This sweater whose name is way too long. Not a ton going on, but it seems very wearable.
  • And last but not least, I have a couple of ideas for some amigurumi. Possibly involving a cloaca! I know that sounds super appealing! More on this exciting teaser later if this pans out.

Which of the above will be actually worth the Polar Plunge and wind up being printed out and cast on? Only time will tell.

OK, maybe next time I post I’ll actually have something I made that I can show you.

In the meantime, please enjoy these videos of a baby monkey riding a piglet (note: the guy who made this video was the lead singer of Nerf Herder, who wrote the Buffy theme song!), ice skating chimpanzees, and Pavarotti and Lou Reed singing a song about heroin together. “Baby Monkey (Riding Backwards on a Pig)” is my new favorite song. “Perfect Day Feat. The Weird and Inappropriate Vocal Stylings of Luciano Pavarotti,” maybe not so much.

It’s been months since I posted (things have been hectic in my non-knitting life!) and I’m almost a month late with posting about this… but better late than never, right?

I’m pleased to announce that I have a pattern published in the Winter 2010-2011 issue of Knitcircus, a Madison-based online knitting magazine. (My pattern is on page 84, but take the time to flip through the whole issue–there are some really great patterns. The layout may look similar to Twist Collective, but unlike Twist, you can purchase the entire pattern collection at once and get ALL the patterns for $8, instead of $8 apiece… my favorites this time are probably Beckett, Treccia, and Sweet Georgia.)

My pattern is called Bel Canto–the design reminded me of a hair-braiding scene in Ann Patchett’s book of the same name. It’s a simple design, all stockinette, flared at the base of the cowl to fit the body where neck meets shoulders, with simple rolled edges at the cast-on and bind-off–the one focal point of the design is a dramatic three-strand plaited cable framed with lace eyelets and sweeping diagonally across the cowl.

The sample was worked in Rios, the new plied, worsted-weight, superwash merino yarn from Malabrigo. I was afraid the color (Azul Profundo) might be too dark to photograph well, but it came out fine. It’s a lovely yarn, a bit thinner, shinier, and more slippery than the normal worsted weight singles yarn. I think you could substitute normal Malabrigo Worsted Merino in this pattern pretty easily, but I might go up a needle size for improved drape.

This was my first magazine publication, and it was exciting seeing my design professionally modeled and photographed! How cute is this photo?

This would make a nice quick Christmas present if you are so inclined–it uses less than one skein (210 yards) of Rios. In fact, the original prototype for this cowl was knit in just a few hours, and used only 98 yards of yarn (the La Lana Phat Silk Phat I picked up in Taos last summer)–it didn’t have the flared shaping at the base, though, so I don’t think you could pull off that low yardage with the current version of the pattern.

Anyway, if you’re interested, I have one copy of the Knitcircus Winter 2010-2011 Pattern Collection to give away! Leave a comment by midnight on Saturday December 4 telling me what yarn you’d use to make this, and I’ll do a random drawing on Sunday. I’m on the East Coast (Boston and NY) for the whole month of December, so I’m hoping that since I won’t have my normal life and domestic responsibilities to distract me, I’ll get a little more time to catch up on updating my blog. And finish my Christmas knitting and shopping in the next two weeks. It might be too ambitious a plan, but hope springs eternal.

Time to do the drawing for the Knitcircus giveaway!
Chosen via

For the pattern collections, the three winners are:

1) #30, Nicole

2) #4, Diana

3) #26, Miss Marty

And for the grand prize, the subscriptions, the two winners are:

1) #8, Mary

2) #23, Hilary

Congratulations! I’m passing your information along to Knitcircus, and you should be hearing from them with the prizes. I hope you enjoy them, knit plenty of KC designs, and spread the word about the magazine!

It’s almost time for the drawing. Come by the Knitcircus giveaway post and comment there today if you want to enter the contest. As it stands now, there’s a 19% chance of winning something when I do the drawing tomorrow. Pretty good odds!

Hey, I have something exciting to share with you, so lurkers, come on out of the woodwork! Jaala Spiro, editor of Knitcircus Magazine and fellow Madison knitter, offered me a number of Knitcircus freebies to give away.

If you’re not familiar with Knitcircus, it’s a Madison-based knitting magazine that recently transitioned from a paper magazine format to online distribution. They now have a model sort of similar to Twist Collective (but a lot cheaper!) where each issue features some free patterns and some patterns that are for-pay only–the current issue is $7.50 for the full collection of 20 patterns. I’m glad to see them move to the online format–although I loved having paper copies of the magazine to hold and leaf through, the potential audience is much larger for the online mag. I’d love to see this locally published knitting magazine become as well-known as Twist or Knitty, so if you like their patterns, spread the word.

If you’re interested, leave a comment telling me which Knitcircus design is your favorite, and next Sunday, April 11, I’ll do a random drawing to determine the winners. I have two full year’s magazine subscriptions (value: $23.50 each) and three individual pattern collections (value: $7.50 each) to give away. Please make sure to give me your email address so I can get in contact with you if you win–if I don’t hear back from you within a few days I’ll need to pick someone else.

To get you started on the pattern browsing, here are a few of the lovelies from the current issue, Issue 9:
The Twilight Shawl–combines Kauni yarn with a really interesting shape, and for once I think the name is actually a reference to a time of day. (You have to look at the modeled photo on Ravelry with this wrapped around the shoulders and neck–the one below shows the shape but doesn’t show how pretty the shawl looks with the layers of Kauni stripes when worn.)

Raveled Wristies–free! And named after Ravelry! Awww.

Seamless Slippers–another free pattern, this looks like a great quick gift!

Four Seasons Cardigan–the cardigan from the cover, meant for layering.
issue 9 coversmaller

Check out the archives, too–some of my favorites from past issues are Kate’s Cardigan from Issue 5 (the photoshoot involves ice cream! More of my pattern photos need to involve ice cream in the future) and And All Things Nice, a girl’s dress from Issue 8.