Thanks so much for all the nice comments and advice, everyone. As it turns out, the gout-esque toe pain condition culminated in a late-night ER visit last night/this morning, and a followup podiatrist visit today–we ended up at two different clinics and it took a couple of hours. But we think we might have a diagnosis (Morton’s neuroma) and some special orthopedic shoe inserts to help take the pressure off the affected nerve, and on the bright side, I now have about 11 inches of the back of a giant sweater coat knit over the course of two days spent waiting for doctors. I guess the problem might persist for a while but the podiatrist thinks it should correct itself eventually. I did finally get a nap after work today so I feel a little less crazy and exhausted.

Here is a project I finished about a month ago, but haven’t posted about yet…

Pattern: Two-color brioche scarf; the stitch pattern can be found for free at Run and Not Grow Weary or
Size made: I forgot to write this down, so I have no idea how many stitches I cast on, but could probably reverse engineer it by counting the stripes. I can tell you that it’s quite a bit wider and a little bit shorter than most scarves I make for myself.
Yarn used: Brown Sheep Naturespun Worsted in 720 Ash, about 2 skeins or a little less, held double-stranded; and about 2/3 of a skein of handspun, hand-dyed bulky two-ply, one of the first yarns I made for myself. I think I dyed the singles separately in the microwave with various colors of Kool-Aid including generous amounts of Grape and Berry Blue. It took a bit of work to figure out a way to showcase the yarn, and I think the two-color brioche works well, separating the stitches out enough so they can be individually admired, like little handspun jewels.
Needles used: US Size 13/9.0 mm Boye circulars (this stitch is worked flat on circular needles because it involves sliding the stitches every other row rather than turning the work.)
Date started: Not sure. It must have been late 2006/early 2007, around the time I learned to spin; it sat around mostly done for ages before I decided enough was enough and it was long enough as is.
Date finished: August 18, 2008
Notes: I love two-color brioche. I also love the way this yarn looks, but it’s kind of a giant, wide, heavy scarf, so I’m not sure how much use it will get–possibly will be passed up in favor of lighter, woolier attire, as I tend to go for long skinny scarves more than wide short ones. Maybe I should seam it up into a vest or shrug or something. It probably weighs something like two pounds, though… I packed an awful lot of wool into that bulky two-ply handspun.

The unseasonable giant wool scarf + tank top photo was taken right when it was done, in August.

oh, and my current yarn crush is Malabrigo Sock. What’s yours? Malabrigo Sock is now available for preorder at Whitknits, and you can see lots of colors there–Abril, Archangel, and Indiecita look especially dreamy, though I wish I could see them all in person. I know the color of the skein I have is wonderful, though I’m not sure if it turned into a real colorway (Persia?) or if it stayed as just a test color.