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Man, I have all kinds of interesting fibery stuff to share today.

Most important thing first: here is the best knitting photo I’ve seen all week. Enjoy!

Also–I am very excited to announce that my Savile Row vest won a prize in the Vest-uary knitalong! Very very exciting, and I have a sweater’s worth of blue Patons Merino headed my way from the Charitable Charity, aka Northernknitter.

I went to see Coraline 3D tonight and was really excited about the miniature starry sweater knitted by Bloomington micro-knitter Althea Crome.  Unfortunately, I was so engaged in watching the flying 3D (spoiler here) during the credits, I forgot to look for the knitting credits. You can download the pattern for a full-sized version here (PDF link) but ultimately perhaps Ysolda’s beautiful Coraline cardigan with the smocked yoke is more appropriate to the book/movie?–it has more buttons, after all.

As for the movie itself: the animation was wonderful, it was great seeing the movie in 3D, it was wonderfully creepy and visually stunning, but it seemed neither here nor there in terms of overall tone and mood. Too scary to truly be a kids’ movie, too simplistic and kid-oriented to truly appeal to adults (beyond the visuals).

I liked the fact that it seemed to be set in Ashland, OR! It’s a day’s drive from the Bay Area and I’ve been up there many times for the Shakespeare Festival. Despite the knitting connection, though, sadly there were no yarn shop cameos.

I got my Singer spool knitting machine in the mail yesterday. It was immensely overpackaged. I haven’t had a good case of wrap rage for a while but this had the works… clamshell packaging, boxes inside boxes, tons of sticky tape, really long twisty ties threaded through plastic washers. RRRRR! HULK SMASH! It came with a bunch of crafty extras that I didn’t really want, but would be good if you were buying this for a kid, I guess: 3 spools of plasticky yarn, a barrette, a plastic tapestry needle, pipe cleaners, more twisty ties.

Also, it was HUGE. I was expecting it to be the size of the Embellish-Knit, the only example of one of these hand-cranked i-cord machines I’d seen in person. It’s probably 3 times as big. The cord, maybe about the same size, but the whole machine setup is pretty humongous. I’ll have to take a picture to demonstrate the hugeness. I’ve only made an i-cord using the fakey plastic yarn that came with it (worked pretty well once I got it all set up right), but have plans to make a Booga bag or similar with my miles of i-cord after I’ve had a chance to play with it some more. Oh, and the Woven Cords scarf from Knitting New Scarves. If you have any great ideas for other things to do with miles of i-cord, let me know.

So I just posted about the YELLOW Malabrigo lace I bought, but that’s not the end of it, not by any means.

I just got the prizes from winning Best Original Design for Malabrigo March for Prickle in the mail yesterday. They are lovely!

First of all–get an eyeful of the giant pile o’ prize yarn at the contest moderator’s blog. Wow. Aren’t those all just amazingly gorgeous?

Two of the skeins from that giant pile are now mine!

A skein of merino worsted in Hongos, a pink and brown variegated colorway:

And a skein of their brand-new superwash sock yarn, in “Test Color,” a lovely light blue with a subtle mixture of turquoise and gray shades.

Here, take a closer look.

Yum! It’s soft and pretty, but I can’t tell you much more than that yet–I haven’t skeined it up or swatched with it yet.

Now, if you’re my mom, don’t read any further! Everyone else, go ahead. There’s more Malabrigo goodness behind the jump.

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