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…because I got about halfway up the foot of my sock last night, decided tonight that I’d try it on, and realized it probably wasn’t a good idea to have lace on the SOLE of the sock as well as the instep. Frogging again. Bah.

A few new fun yarn things on the internet I looked at to cheer myself up:

The new Twist Collective is up! I’m especially fond of (read: absolutely crazy about) Sylvi, Heroine, and Broderie. And are Elli‘s Lotus Leaf mittens not an absolute work of art? I love the bright red against the semi-solid blue. I have to keep reminding myself that about 10 lbs of nearly-done sweater coat are waiting for me in the other room, whispering “buuuutton baaaaands…. buuuutton baaaaaands… kniiiiit meeeee…”

Knitpicks has a new website design!

And so does WEBS!

Planning for the winter holidays is kicking my butt. Rahul and I and my family are going to Asia around Christmas/New Year’s and have spent an ungodly amount of money and I don’t even have all my plane tickets yet. (We’re taking ELEVEN flights! It goes a little something like this: Madison-Chicago, Chicago-San Francisco, SF-Hong Kong, HK-Phnom Penh, PP-Siem Reap, SR-PP, PP-Hanoi, Hanoi-HK, HK-SF, SF-Denver, Denver-Madison.) I’ll get to see Angkor Wat, which is one of those places, like Petra, that I’ve always wanted to see, so it’s worth those extra 4 flights within Asia… but just barely. It’s just about a month and a half away, and I still need to get my visas and vaccinations and buy my plane tickets and book our hotels. Despite all the money and planning stress, I have faith that it will be an awesome vacation, and it will be a really nice getaway from the Wisconsin snow.

As if that weren’t enough stress, we’re also currently looking for housing for next fall. The search starts early around here. Some people randomly came up to my door today and said the property management company had said they could just “come by and took a look around.” I was pretty ungracious about this, but since I was actually showered and dressed, I let them in to take a quick look, and then called the property management company and gave them a piece of my mind about it.

I would be happy to stay where we are, but we’re pretty sure we can find someplace decent with cheaper rent, so we’re trying to find someplace new. The funny thing about this all is that we’re paying $200 a month less than what we paid for our crappo apartment in Berkeley 5+ years ago (the one with plywood doors and a Swamp Thing carpet and a nice view on Sunday mornings straight into the dump truck that would come take all the dog and cat corpses away from the vet hospital across the street). That was a bargain apartment, too, because it had been handed from tenant to tenant and so it had been rent-controlled for years.


I don’t know if I’ll have time to do another detailed post tomorrow–I’m leaving for vacation on Thursday, until the 26th, and that’s that for NaBloPoMo for me. So here’s one more FO post, just in case I don’t have time to do anything nice with pictures tomorrow.

I’m off to California–to visit my family in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving, but also to take a quick trip with my mom, stepdad, and sister down to San Diego to visit Sea World, the zoo, etc. Apparently the scenic sightseeing portions of my trip will now also include the burned-out husks of San Diego houses and 58,000 gallons of crude oil coating the San Francisco Bay. California, I can’t leave you alone for a second!

I went out in the surprisingly warm sunshine and took some pictures with a proper Fall Color backdrop, a nice bright vermilion tree outside my building.

Pattern: Just Like a Peasant cap (PDF), a knockoff of this stewart + brown peasant cap

Yarn used: Valley Yarns Northampton in Chestnut Heather, approximately 1 skein. Unfortunately, I can’t be more precise than that because I started with “about half a skein” left over from my Koolhaas hat, and got into the second skein, and now I have “about half a skein” left over. I wish I had a scale! If I were buying in 100-yard skeins, I’d definitely get 3… in 220-yard skeins, not so sure. Hmmm. It’s used double-stranded for most of the hat, and single-stranded for the band that ties around the middle.

Needles used: Size 8/5 mm 16″ Denises for tie, size 10.5/6.5 mm 16″ Denises for main part of hat

Started: 11/9/07

Finished: 11/10/07

Size: Hat circumference: 19 inches, unstretched Hat depth: 8.75″ not including brim Brim: additional 1.5″ approx and about 11″ long

Mods: My gauge was off, but I didn’t really make any adjustments to stitch count for that. What I did change was:

  • Knit hat in the round instead of knitting flat and seaming
  • Knit hat to a depth of 8″, then worked decreases in 8 wedges:
    • *k6, k2tog* around
    • *k5, k2tog* around
    • *k4, k2tog* around
    • *k3, k2tog* around
    • *k2, k2tog* around
    • *k1, k2tog* around
    • k2tog around
    • 8 sts remain, cut yarn and draw through.
    • This made a nice swirly pattern of decreases at the top:
  • I found the original band way too wide (no, I didn’t do a gauge swatch, why do you ask?), so I instead cast on only 12 sts (came out to 1.5″ wide in 1×1 rib) with my new favorite trick, the Italian tubular cast-on, and used twisted slipped (chain) selvage. I slipped the last stitch of each row wyif, keeping needle in the stitch and turning the work, so I could then knit the first stitch of the next row through the back loop in one fluid step. I knit the band to 39″ and bound off with tubular bind-off. I could use some practice with it–regardless, I’m happy with the way it came out, so here’s a close-up of the nice selvage, cast-on, and cast-off edges of the band.

I sewed the band on crosswise (perpendicular to the length of the band) every inch or so, sewing between the outside of the hat and the inside of the band and going through “knit loops” of band (i.e. purl ribs when seen from right side), and I only sewed it on in the area above the garter brim. That probably made no sense to anyone but me, but just in case that description is useful, there you go. Anyway, here’s a close-up picture of the sewn-on band.

Notes: The gauge of this hat is so stiff that when you first put it on, it stands straight up like a surprised cartoon man’s top hat. (I forgot to take a picture of it in its “tall” state. Also forgot to take a picture of it with a piece of dark chocolate, to show off the color.) It needs to be deflated and artfully smooshed down to look nice. I tie the band in a single knot and push the brim around to the side.

The shape of it reminds me of a cloche, but also of a do rag.

I’m wearing the hat in one of my Kureopatora’s Snake pictures, too:

Original hat price: $165 + $2 handling fee = $167

Knockoff hat price: $4.99 + $5.25 shipping and handling (actually, I ordered several other things, so the price for just the Northampton was substantially lower) = $10.24. Mine’s not cashmere, admittedly, but if that’s an issue, Colourmart can set you right for $36, including shipping and handling.