1) I made my January Help for Haiti donation to Doctors Without Borders, via the KFI matching program. Yay! I’m going to extend the offer through the end of  February. And my total sales were embarrassing compared to most of the other designers who have posted about their thousands of dollars worth of donations, so I’m not disclosing the total, just quietly donating my 75%.

2) I made a couple of updates to the Prismatic Scarf pattern, to fix a chart issue on the WS rows in the i-cord edging, and to add a link to The Textured Knitter’s no-purl mod for the pattern (it gives you slipped stitches on both sides). 450+ projects on Ravelry and nobody had mentioned the WS edging chart issue to me until today… oops! Thanks, juniperr. The new version is 1.3 and the proper PDF should be up on Ravelry now.