Here are the Shabby Apple dresses readers have named as favorites so far in the comments of the giveaway post. Keep them coming!

Also, if you feel like buying something, here’s an even better link than the one I gave you last time (through a different marketing campaign)–this one gives you 15% off and me a $20 gift card.

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Pictures and commentary follow.


Bookgeekgirl posted “And I think my favorite dress is the A+ shirtdress, although I think that belt they’ve paired with it is about the ugliest thing I’ve seen! ” WHOA. You weren’t kidding. I love the pale blue pinstripe shirting fabric for the shirtdress style, though–perhaps I need one.

Those glasses are also horrible on her. This is like the “before” in the Beautiful All Along trope. Suddenly the nerd takes off the glasses and insane equestrian belt and is transformed into prom queen!

After Class–love the enormo-collar! I have a store-bought sweater dress with a similar collar (black, short sleeve, seed stitch). And the belt with buttons is great, too.

Look, she’s taken off her glasses and is on her way to popularity, sexiness, and glamour as everyone realizes she was beautiful all along!
after class dress

P.S. I clicked on one of the other dresses in the Academia collection, Extra Credit, and was horrified at the description (bolding is mine): “With an a-symmetrical ruching at the center front of the garment pleated on the diagonal and a collar accentuated by a tucked and folded flap, this two-tone charcoal taffeta dress is sure to have all your professors looking to add a few points to your test scores.” Are you kidding me?

Ahoy! I’d like this better if it weren’t mint green. And apparently quilted on top? It reminds me of my old judo uniform.
ahoy dress

Atlantic Fog–cute! I’d wear knit dresses like this pretty much 100% of the time if I could. PRO TIP from a Wisconsin resident: do not try this look in the snow for real. You’ll get cold. (Well, it’s possible that she is FROM Wisconsin or points northwards and enjoying a summery 30-degree day. I went out a few weeks ago with a friend who showed up in sandals because it was around 35 or 40 degrees out and hence “very warm.”)
atlantic fog dress

Baciami!–love the Fibonacciesque stripes.
baciami dress

Ballerina–see note re: Atlantic Fog.
ballerina dress

Beauty Mark–yes yes yes. I think I already picked this out in navy as one of my faves, but possibly with a different name because of the different color.
beauty mark dress

Boogie Woogie–I’m not a fan of the petri dish rosettes. YMMV.
boogie woogie dress

Confidential–gorgeous. I want to say “Oh, it’s very Gossip Girl!”, but I have never seen Gossip Girl and so this impression is based entirely on reading women’s magazines with articles about Gossip Girl. I don’t even know what Gossip Girl is about; some rich girls with great hair who wear a lot of headbands, I think? And they gossip?
confidential dress

Dressage–hmm. I like the color, but if you look at the unbelted, unembellished pictures on the site of the dress on a dress form, there’s a certain Mennonite, modest-dress air about the cut of it, though I guess it would be pretty daring in the ankles/elbows/neckline for that purpose.
dressage dress

Grand National–reminds me of Colette Macaron, but with wonderful skirt pleats!
grand national dress

Love Me Do–so pretty in the photo, but in real life I probably couldn’t pull off lime green lace on a white background. I’m sure there’s another style somewhere with a different lace color.
love me do dress

Madison Ave–one of my favorites. BUTTONS AND HOUNDSTOOTH OVERDOSE.
madison ave dress

Maize–I like it. I probably couldn’t wear it without looking like a set of curtains, but I like it.

Mulholland–so beautiful. I’m a sucker for that scallopy lace. Her shoes sure are sparkly.
mulholland dress

Nine to Five–see note about Atlantic Fog. This has some really nice details with the ruching and gathering and tie collar.
nine to five dress

Overboard–fabulous. I need to make a gingham shirt dress this summer.
overboard dress

Pina Colada–This is the only dress I saw on the site where the different color options weren’t named different things. It’s a nice design. Maybe it would be nice in gingham. Just a thought.
pina colada dress

Yorkshire–Very cute, and the tweed is an interesting fabric choice for the style. I’d like to see it with a big brown leather belt and not the big leather boots they’ve styled it with.
yorkshire dress